Finger Treat

Plops Nail Color

'Fingertreat Plops Nail Color' is peel-off type water-based nutritious nail polish.

- It is water based non-toxic nail polish.
- It does not have a smell of chemicals.
- It is removable without chemicals.
- Harmless for kids and pregnant women.

- It contains various natural nutrition for nails.


Special Features of

Plops Nail Color

1. Non-toxic water-based

The major ingredient of the Plops Nail Color is water.

It is a non-toxic and healthier option for your nails.

 Also, it is applicable when your nails need a rest from too much nail art.

2. Peel-Off 

It turns into a peel-off type sticker when it gets dried. 

You can remove it without applying chemical remover.

3. Nutrition for your nails

It contains various nutritious ingredient from nature. 

- Ginseng Extract

- Licorice Extract

- Chamomile Extract

- Lavender Extract

- Kiwi Extract

- Orange Extract

- Pineapple Extract



Product description

and package

Name: Plops Nail Color

Country of origin: S.Korea

Capacity: 7ml

Size :7.5cm x 2.5cm

Box size : 18.3 cm x 12.3 cm

Components: plops nailcolor 7ml 3pcs + Top coat 7ml 1 pc + Glass nail shiner 1pc 



SGS Certification


RoHS Hazardous Substances Test Report    

Cr+6 Not Detected

Patent Certificate


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