Hello! Light!

Electromagnetic Wave Sensor

Hello! Light! EM sensor is a pocket-size electro-magnetic wave sensor which compatible with Android and IOS smartphone.
The unit of the measurement is " V/m " and the error range is 30% depends on the smartphone. 

It is a simplified measurement tool and recommends to contact a professional company for a precise result. 

How to use?

Place the detector 1cm away from the object you want to measure the amount of electromagnetic wave. 

Special Features of

Hello! Light! EM Sensor


Hello! Light! Em sensor is compatible with any smart device with an earphone jack.  

Measured value


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Hello! Light! Em sensor is easy to use and easy to read. 


30mm small and simple design makes it easy to carry and use any place at any time. 

Product Specification

Measuring range(V/m) : 0.1 ~ 2,000 V/m

Measuring range(kHz) : 16Hz ~ 100 kHz

Country of origin: S.Korea

Size : body length 30mm, total length 40mm 

Error range : <30%

Diametor of the plug : 3.5Φ

Working Temparature : 10℃ ~ 40℃

Type of sensor : Semiconductor Sensor.

The material of the case: Aluminum


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