Baby nail trimmer


Safe Baby Nail Trimmer

 'Beberuv' nail trimmer does not have a sharp part at all such as clipping but uses micro size trimming patterns to trims down nail by rubbing from the nail edge. The trimmer patterns do not hurt normal skin and safe to touch it. 

Why it is the best nail care tool

for your baby?

Why it is the best nail care tool

for your baby?

  It does not have any sharp part can damage the delicate baby skin.

  You can still trim nails while the baby is moving.

  It prevents face-scratching by making the nail edge silk smooth.

Safety features of


No Sharp Edge At All

No user limitation

Safe From Unexpected Movement

FDA approved Harmless Materials For The Case

How to use?

Easy to trim, Easy to wash, Easy to keep clean


Product Details

100% high durable glass

Product description and package

Name: Beberuv nail (Single)

Country of origin: S.Korea

Glass Shiner Size : 1.3cm x 14.3cm

Box size : 8cm x 20cm

Components: Beberuv nail stick 



KC Safety Standards For Children's Products Passed

FDA approved harmless material is used for the case

PL insurance


1. There is a risk of breaking the glass part of the product and keep it out of the reach of infants and children.
2. Do not bend or bend the glass part with force. 
3. After use, wash it with a cleaning agent for infants.
4. Stop using it in case of crack or damage.
5. Do not use it for any other purpose. 
6. Excessive use can damage your nails.
7. Do not place the product near the firearm.
8. Please check the product before use and replace it with a new one if it is damaged.
9. Disinfect for 30 seconds when disinfected in boiling water.
10. Use it under parental control, as the baby may stab or spurt when playing with the case.

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